Nationwide Facilities Map

Supply Chain Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Lineage Logistics operates with the best interests of our employees, communities, and customers in mind. It means empowering employees, enriching our communities, and partnering with local or national, small or large businesses alike to embrace responsibility for the benefit of all stakeholders. We believe acting with integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards is paramount.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Lineage Logistics recognizes the supply-chain solution business is resource-intensive and we are fully committed to environmental sustainability. We are focused on protecting our environment and maximizing energy efficiency. As new technology and requirements approach our industry in the future, we are ready to grow and evolve to surpass current conservation standards and minimize our impact on the environment. We actively implement measures to increase efficiency, conserve energy and reduce waste.

Conservation Initiatives

Lineage Logistics has initiated numerous energy and conservation projects to improve our facilities' carbon footprint. These initiatives include:

  • A program of implementing solar solutions at our facilities
  • Deploying capital in our facilities to achieve higher energy efficiency of our systems
  • Reducing electricity usage during periods of “peak” energy demands
  • Implementing best practices with our employees to operate our facilities more efficiently

We are committed to these goals and it is a key priority as we continue to grow our business.