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Quality Systems

Quality Systems is our operating mentality.

At Lineage Logistics, Quality Systems describes a program that encompasses a number of different features:

  • Standardization
  • Cost Containment
  • Process Controls
  • Measured Customer Perception

All of these procedures wrap into a dedication to continual improvement – the idea of a consistent feedback loop to generate positive changes. We have instilled Quality Systems in many of our facilities and are working hard to implement these competencies across the platform.

Standardization and Consistency

At Lineage Logistics, our commitment to quality management systems ensures that we continue the same exemplary standards that you have set for your product throughout the entire supply chain. Defined and detailed processes—which have been designed with your requirements in mind—along with thorough training ensure your customers receive a product which has been through the safe, secure, and consistent supply chain you designed.

Cost Containment

While others look to cut quality to reduce cost, we look to improve quality through improved processes to reduce and contain cost. Through constant process-monitoring and measurement, we are able to identify processes which do not provide the most benefit in quality and cost and improve upon them through our detailed root-cause analysis programs. Our employees are trained to follow the process all the way through with an eye on potential or actual process failure. By empowering employees at all levels of the process we ensure we have professionals at every stage providing feedback and developing only the highest and most beneficial processes.

Strict and Detailed Process Controls

Our Nonconformance, Preventive Action, and Corrective Action Systems have been specifically designed to alert us to potential or actual process failure, as well as identify the root cause of the failure and eliminating the potential recurrence. Additionally, our process-development plan ensures that your requirements are incorporated and fulfilled. Internal and external audits complete this system as a constant monitoring tool.

Measured Customer Perception

A wise person once said, "Tomorrow, no one will remember the 10 things you did right today, but will remember 10 years from now, the one thing you did wrong today." This is perhaps the number one reason your perception of the way we perform for you is important to us. We are working to provide Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Surveys for each and every customer to ensure we always know how you perceive the quality of service we are providing. We understand that our customers are our lifeline and recognize the importance of the perceived level of quality we provide.