Why Lineage

Our breadth of services, scale and systems are the foundation we use to serve diverse and complex customer needs. However, it is our people that sets us apart – people who are creative, dedicated to getting the job done, and absolutely committed to customer service. Learn more about our approach:

National Yet Local

Dedicated & Experienced

Supporting Growth

Warehouse Management System

Quality Systems

Highly-Trained Personnel

Supply Chain Sustainability

Construction Cams

We truly value the partnership we share with Lineage RCS. For more than 5 years, they have been a reliable, dependable and trustworthy business partner, providing us with the timely, accurate and safe product handling and storage solutions we need to be a successful food manufacturer. We always know we can count on Lineage to surpass our expectations, and we look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future. - Denise Cameron, Wayne Farms