Nationwide Facilities Map

Let us help you with:

  • Container and break bulk services
  • Document preparation
  • Approvals and certifications
  • Drayage services
  • Crossdock and transload service
  • Stamping and labeling
  • Product inspections


Port-Centric Warehousing

Strategic locations linking U.S. and global markets.

Lineage Logistics operates facilities at strategic ports on the West and East Coasts connecting the United States with customers and markets around the world:

  • Port of Savannah
  • Port of Seattle
  • Port of Tacoma
  • Port of Norfolk
  • Port of Stockton
  • Port of Hueneme
  • Port of Charleston
  • Port of Long Beach

International Logistics

Lineage Logistics handles international cargo on a daily basis. You can leverage our experience and discipline to efficiently access overseas markets and reduce your logistics costs. We excel at the special handling and document preparation that is crucial for your international shipping needs.

We serve both break bulk and containerized markets. Our facilities are rail-served and have large staging areas that are designed specifically for handling import and export products. Our dockside locations in Seattle and Norfolk have deep-water moorings allowing for seamless direct vessel loading and unloading.

All of our facilities have the necessary approvals and certifications from the USDA and are U.S. customs-approved to provide warehouse services for import / export customers. In addition, we are Russian certified to ship pork and poultry, approved by the European Union (EU), import-bonded and FDA approved.