Keeping your products moving.

Mixed loads don’t have to slow down the movement of your products. Lineage Cross-docking remixes loads with minimal or no storage and keeps them on the move to their final destination in our temperature-controlled environment.


Port, rail or road.

Your products can move through many modes. Whether you consistently use cross-docking as part of your broader operational strategy or only when you need it, Lineage Cross-docking can handle your products moving through the ports, over the rails and on the road.  


Let’s hear it for the remix.

We can break down incoming mixed loads and speed your products along to their destination. We can also manage multiple products coming from different sources to build your outbound loads. Either way, you reduce your warehousing costs, improve order fill rates and shorten delivery time – all while maintaining the temperature integrity of your products.


Cross-Docking slide 2

Let us help you with

Blast Freezing
Preserve product integrity and promote food safety using Lineage’s blast freezing services.
Case Picking
Trust Lineage to pick and pack your product safely and efficiently to meet the dynamic needs of your customers.
Full EDI Capabilities
Maximize the efficiency of doing business using Lineage’s advanced computer-to-computer transaction capabilities.
USDA Inspection Services
Enjoy a faster, simpler import/export process with Lineage’s onsite USDA Inspection Services.
Customs Labeling & Stamping
Rely on Lineage to ensure your product moves through the global marketplace seamlessly.
FDA Inspection Services
Expedite your product through its supply chain using Lineage’s onsite FDA Inspection Services.
SQF Certification
Rest assured that Lineage is committed to protecting your customers and your brand with the highest standards of food safety.
GDP Audit Certification
Know that Lineage holds itself accountable to the highest standards of product distribution.
BRCGS Accreditation
Count on Lineage to meet the high standard of food safety set by the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS).
WMS Technology
Ensure your products move smoothly and efficiently through our facilities by leveraging our differentiated warehouse management systems.
24/7 Operation Capabilities
Benefit from our around-the-clock operations to get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there.
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