Riding the right modes, road-ready.

You want smart solutions to get your long-haul freight where it needs to go. Lineage Intermodal taps into diverse logistical expertise and combines the modes you need to maximize efficiencies.


Distance matters.

If your products need to move long distances, look no further than Lineage Intermodal. Your domestic moves will combine rail and truck when you move your products from coast to coast or anywhere in between. Your international moves will combine ocean vessels with truck, rail, or both. In either case, we take the headaches, stress and hassle off your hands, helping you manage your bottom line and moving your product safely through its extended supply chain.


Flexible and green.

With Lineage Intermodal you gain flexibility by tapping into our capabilities and experience. We’ve got the right relationships with all the modes and know how to leverage our network to get your shipments to their destination. We also see the value in shipping intermodal, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint by spreading the impact of fuel consumption and emissions over more shipments when using rail and ocean modes. 


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Let us help you with

Supply Chain Engineering
Partner with Lineage to optimize your distribution network, leveraging your data and ours to optimize your supply chain, eliminate waste and help reach your customers faster.
Move your products seamlessly from one mode to another by letting Lineage manage your intermodal transloading.
Railcar Siding
Transition your product safely and efficiently from rail to storage using Lineage’s railcar siding services.
Adjacent Deep-water Terminal
Enjoy Lineage’s access to the world’s largest global ports—capable of accommodating a fully-laden Panamax vessel.
Drop Trailer / Container Plug-in
Keep your product cool and your team on the go by taking advantage of our drop trailer and container plug-in services.
Handball Container Loading/Unloading
Maximize your available container space without sacrificing quality by trusting Lineage to handle your product with care.
Factory Clearance
Partner with Lineage to move your product safely and seamlessly from the production floor to our storage facilities.
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LTL Consolidation

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