President & CEO

As President & CEO of Lineage Logistics, Greg Lehmkuhl provides strategic leadership and oversees all facets of the organization’s operations worldwide. Under Greg’s leadership, Lineage has experienced significant growth, expanding our organization’s international reach through acquisition and expansion as well as securing long-term investors to fuel future growth and innovation. Greg is fiercely committed to driving results for Lineage’s customers, while also creating a strong company culture rooted in core values and purpose-driven work. Prior to joining Lineage, Greg served as Corporate EVP for Con-Way (NYSE: CNW) and President of Con-Way Freight and held management positions at Menlo Worldwide, Delphi Automotive and Penske Logistics. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University as well as a Master of Business Administration from Oakland University.


What makes Lineage an exciting place to work?

Unprecedented growth, massive investments in our infrastructure and service capabilities as well as a commitment to innovation make Lineage a dynamic place to work. The momentum we continue to generate is incredible, and it creates limitless opportunities for our team members.

Speaking of our team members, so rarely do you come across a group of people who are ferociously smart, who are unequivocally good at what they do, and who can so agreeably work together in pursuit of a higher purpose. Lineage is special because our team is special, and I am grateful to serve them every day.


Which of Lineage’s values is most meaningful to you, and why?

Is this a trick question? All of Lineage’s core values are especially meaningful to me because they are foundational to the character and spirit of our company. However, if I were to narrow in on a few, I would choose Trust, Innovation and Servant Leadership.

To me, Trust is simple – do what you say you’re going to do. That is how trust is earned. Innovation isn’t just a mindset at Lineage. We solve our toughest challenges using future-forward, cutting-edge approaches to deliver value to our customers, grow our company and transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world. Finally, Servant Leadership calls on our leaders to support our team members first and foremost. Our job as leaders is to make decisions and investments that make their critical jobs safer, easier and more efficient.

From our Leadership

Lineage is special because our team is special, and I am grateful to serve them every day.

Greg Lehmkuhl, President & Chief Executive Officer

If you had to deliver a message directly to our hourly warehouse team members, what would you say?

First of all, thank you for the tremendous work you do every day! It takes a special person to work tirelessly to ensure food is stored, prepared and moved safely from farm to fork, and you should be proud of how profoundly your work impacts our communities and the world.

Moreover, I would encourage you to be vocal and proactive in recommending changes that make your and your fellow team members’ jobs safer, easier and more efficient. We are fortunate to work in an environment that champions innovation and continuous improvement, so take advantage of it!


What is your proudest achievement?

No doubt, my proudest achievements are raising two remarkable kids, Brendan and Brooke, and finding my perfect bride, Leslie. I cherish my family and the time we spend together playing games, staying active and traveling.