Our Innovation Puts Customers in the Lead

September 02, 2020

Innovation // Trusted Partner
A scientific approach to helping customers.

At Lineage Logistics, every time we handle a product for a customer, we do something more. We apply science to analyze our processes and identify opportunities for our customers so we can help optimize their supply chains today while positioning them for the future.

More data means more possibilities.

Innovation at Lineage starts with gathering data. Massive amounts of data. Every year, we handle more than 40 billion pounds of food – that’s 120 pounds per person in the United States. As we move this food around the world, we’re constantly collecting and analyzing information to see where we can advance speed, efficiency, safety and quality, all while reducing waste.

Technology that makes a difference.

At Lineage, our breakthroughs are powered by our award-winning data science team. Based in San Francisco, this cross-disciplinary team utilizes Silicon Valley-style innovation to transform every link in the global food supply chain. Mathematicians use aerodynamic simulations to improve blast freezing. Meteorologists study weather patterns to save energy. Scientists use AI to guide forklifts efficiently through our facilities and to build neural networks that run the automated warehouses of the future. Our ideas and technologies achieve real results in warehouse design, labor management, transportation optimization and energy reduction.  

Lineage was recognized as the No. 1 Data Science company on Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 for creating technologies that impact our industry, and the world.

Putting Innovation to Work for Our Customers.

For customers of every size, we use innovation to solve challenges and uncover opportunities. Lineage partners with customers to identify their objectives and then uses proprietary and customer data to model various scenarios and create a custom-built optimization study.

This study outlines a customer’s complete supply chain, including the location of their distribution centers, transportation network, the handling of inventory and more. Using this information, we look at the cause and effect of different variables to arrive at a recommendation that helps achieve the previously identified objectives.  

From there, Lineage utilizes our unrivaled facilities network and logistical resources to implement a completely customized end-to-end logistical solution that optimizes our customer’s supply chains for speed, efficiency and cost savings – all driven by cutting-edge technology and data science. It’s the supply chain fueled by the power of science.

Better results at every step.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of a smarter supply chain has never been more critical. Speed and efficiency are important – but not at the expense of quality and freshness. With increased demands from retailers and consumers, every food grower and producer needs a supply chain that can keep up.

By applying our innovation and expertise, Lineage is the one end-to-end partner who can help customers set themselves up for success today while planning ahead for tomorrow.


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