Nationwide Facilities Map

Highly-Trained Personnel

Highly-trained 3PL associates produces exceptional value.

Through a series of strategic quality initiatives, Lineage Logistics has begun an operating culture founded on rigorous and precise quality methods and employees motivated to excel. You get associates trained in the proper techniques, requirements, and practices to safely handling your products. Products will be handled in accordance with your quality and food safety guidelines as well as utilizing the latest best practices to ensure the integrity of your products.

Detailed and Ongoing Training Program

Whether through initial training, periodic examinations, or group training sessions, we want our employees to receive continuous training to ensure they keep improving best practices. This program further serves to ensure our customers that your product is handled consistently, each and every time throughout our portion of the supply chain.

Employee Empowerment

We believe and are committed to the concept that the true professionals of our company are the employees that perform the tasks and follow the processes each and every day. To that end, we have empowered our employees to own each process from the development stage all the way through implementation and production. Each employee is encouraged to stop nonconforming product from entering the supply chain and bring it to the attention of management to have the problem rectified. We want to listen to the opinions of each employee to ensure we provide the best service together as a team.