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Third-Party Logistics Transportation

Dependable 3PL transportation solutions to strengthen your logistics infrastructure.

Transportation and logistics companies are constantly affected by major changes in the industry. New technologies, satellite tracking, safety, government regulations, security, fuel prices, increased globalization and competitiveness in the market all influence how companies operate. Third-party logistics is a means to overcome challenges, and develop an efficient, seamless supply chain.

Through Lineage Freight Management, Lineage Logistics provides third-party transportation solutions that are designed around customers’ requirements, parameters and objectives. These solutions can help take advantage of opportunities to optimize freight to reduce costs, increase accountability and efficiency, as well as speed your time to market. We can arrange transportation on your behalf with competitive pricing and superior customer service. Our team provides local transportation expertise with nationwide reach and a consistent shipping schedule to all major markets in the United States. As a growing segment of our business, you can expect additional capacity and broader coverage.

Full-Service 3rd Party Solutions

Whether you want to better manage transportation, inventory, distribution, or every step in the supply chain, Lineage Logistics is a trusted and experienced third-party logistics provider. Everything between the point-of-manufacturing to the point-of-sale can be managed by our qualified third-party logistics team. Our goal is to reduce the complexity in your logistics infrastructure, so that you can focus on creating quality products for consumers.

Modern 3PL Software

Lineage Logistics utilizes modern equipment and cutting edge Transportation Management Software (TMS) to provide its customers with quality on-time service. Our network can accommodate temperature-controlled and dry freight via multiple modes including Full Truck Load, Less Than Load, and Intermodal. Safety is paramount at Lineage Logistics and we strive daily to maintain the highest standards through continual monitoring and training programs.