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The Lineage Logistics Re-Distribution Model simplifies the manufacturer's outbound shipments and the foodservice distributor's ordering scenario, reducing lead-times, transit times and improving overall performance within your supply chain.

As a food manufacturer, your distribution network is driven by customer demand and transportation availability. Less-than-truckloads (LTL) are required in many instances, adding time and cost to your supply chain. When your inventory is time-sensitive due to shelf life or promotional windows, timing becomes even more critical.

Lineage can assist in shortening transit times, improving shelf-on-delivery performance, and drawing down transportation costs. We offer Re-Distribution services that simplify both the manufacturer's distribution profile by serving as a central distribution point for multiple customers, as well as consolidating multiple items going to the same consignee, reducing or eliminating the need for LTL. Where the profile may warrant it, inventory financing is also available.