Nationwide Facilities Map

On-Site Food Processing

Opportunities for co-located customer processing operations.

Lineage Logistics has a core competency in on-site food processing and support. At facilities across the country we help food companies reduce their production costs by hosting them on-site in specially designed areas adjacent to our facilities. Our expertise in multi-cell blast freezing and IQF enable our customers to get delicate products to proper temperatures quickly, ensuring both longer shelf life and higher final quality.

We have successfully designed customized solutions for customers across a wide range of sectors, helping them to get their products to market faster, fresher and at a lower landed cost. If you are considering expanding or moving into a new market, look to us to assist you with your development plans. In addition to implementing plans that can provide you with a long-term competitive advantage, we also are able to build a program that will significantly reduce your startup costs and increase your capital efficiency and returns.