2,500+ new ways to optimize your supply chain

It’s never been easier to give your supply chain a locomotive-powered boost. Lineage customers now get an unprecedented, seamlessly integrated total rail management solution – all from one partner. Working with Lineage provides access to the largest private fleet of refrigerated and insulated railcars in North America, all within our industry-leading global facility network with more than 80 rail-served locations and growing.

With more modes to help decrease your costs, create efficiencies and reduce your carbon footprint, Lineage will always help you find the right track.




Mechanical Reefers


super-insulated boxcars

Lineage has the services and support to make rail work for you

Let us help you with

Miles of Benefits
Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with every mile traveled.
Monitor Every Mile
GPS and temperature/door sensors provide real-time tracking information to follow every railcar.
Customer Support
With decades of experience, we’re here to make every journey simple — from rate negotiations to the total coordination of all your rail moves.
24/7 Mechanical Protection
Our mechanical support team is watching and standing by to ensure the safety and integrity of your product are never compromised.
A Smarter Design
The capacity you need is combined with temperature control options to perfectly transport your products.
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