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Lineage Logistics Announces Change in Customer Need for New Century Project

Lineage Logistics, LLC ("Lineage"), a leading international warehousing and logistics company, today announced that due to a change in customer needs, Lineage will no longer pursue the development of a temperature-controlled storage facility at the New Century AirCenter in Olathe, Kansas.

“Lineage’s approach to new construction, expansion and acquisition has long been to provide the space and solutions where and when our customers need it,” said Mike McClendon, EVP of Network Optimization at Lineage. “In the case of the proposed New Century facility, unforeseen changes to our customers’ supply chain and logistics needs have, for now, prompted us to withdraw our plans.”

While Lineage has decided to suspend construction plans in New Century, Lineage continues to grow its capacity in other key markets in response to customer demand.

“Our customers look to Lineage to deliver the industry’s latest, most innovative supply chain solutions, and the depth of those relationships allows Lineage to continue developing projects in high-demand markets,” McClendon said. “We have also pledged that as our customers’ business strategies change, we must remain nimble as well, in order to serve their evolving needs."



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