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SUBWAY® Restaurants Purchasing Cooperative Presents Lineage Innovation & Customer Service Awards Posted in Awards

IRVINE, CA, November 8, 2016 – Lineage Logistics, LLC ("Lineage"), a warehousing and logistics company backed by Bay Grove, received the Innovation Award and Excellence in Customer Service Award from the SUBWAY® restaurant chain and its franchisee-owned purchasing group, the Independent Purchasing Cooperative (“IPC”) at the group’s Annual Convention earlier this year.

The Innovation Award is presented to companies that demonstrate commitment, great strategic vision, and the ability to develop and implement innovative new programs for the benefit of SUBWAY® franchisees. The Excellence in Customer Service Award recognizes organizations for being proactive, creative and responsive to the needs of SUBWAY® franchisees.
“We are very pleased to honor Lineage with our Innovation Award and Excellence in Customer Service Award this year,” said Dennis Clabby, Executive Vice President at IPC. “Lineage is on the leading edge of product development, technology deployment and process improvement. IPC is repeatedly impressed by Lineage’s attention to detail as well as their willingness to take on difficult projects or proposals and see them to successful completion.”

Over the past year, Lineage helped SUBWAY® restaurants to create a series of new breads for its operators and launched several initiatives to improve the safe throughput of SUBWAY® product to its destination. Lineage has also invested heavily in training customer service personnel so shippers quickly get the answers they need to enhance the performance of their operations.

“Innovation coupled with customer service is a cornerstone to how Lineage differentiates itself in the market, so we are grateful to receive these awards from IPC,” said Tim Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Lineage. “While our goal is always to create new solutions and efficiencies within our customers’ supply chains, preserving the human element in our partnership is the key to success.”

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